M.Sc. Raphael Bühler

Joined the Team in April 2020.

Graduated in 2020 at TUM under the guidance of Roland A. Fischer.

Room No.: 4037
Phone: +49 89 289 54131
E-mail: raphael.buehler[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Investigation of intermetallic clusters’ reactivities utilizing “living libraries” and implementation of spectroscopic strategies for their characterization.

The PhD project aims to investigate the reactivity of Hume-Rothery inspired nanoclusters towards small substrates. These clusters are composed of late transition metals (TM) and group 13 elements (E). In order assess a systems’ properties in all of its complexity, the investigations are performed on TM/E “living libraries”. This brings forth considerable challenges as the species are thus characterized as mixtures. A central aspect of this project is therefore the implementation of a strategy of “multi-dimensional” spectroscopy in order to further understand the nature of intermetallic systems’ reactivities towards catalytically relevant small molecules.



Selected Publications

R. Bühler, M. Muhr, J. Stephan, R. A. Wolf, M. Schütz, C. Gemel, R. A. Fischer, Dalton Trans.202352(31), 10905–10910. (Photochemically generated reactive sites at ruthenium/gallium complexes: catalysis vs. cluster growth)