Magdalena Kleybolte


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Our generation is struggling with the consequences of climate change, exploitation of resources and earth pollution. In addition, monomers are reaching their limits regarding their structural complexity. 

But NATURE can provide solutions for all these problems!

Not only are bio-based, non-food-based monomers the key to a sustainable polymer future but also the way to go for introducing complex and hard-to synthesize properties into the polymer. Therefore, the synthesis of biobased polymers is an important topic of increasing interest.

My research topic

Polyamides represent a class of polymers that are indispensable in our daily life due to their remarkable properties. My research topic focuses on the preparation of biobased (co‑)polyamides (PAs), which are supposed to be additionally biodegradable and/or biocompatible.

Cyclic terpenes render in my case the biogenic feedstock for PAs via ring-opening polymerization. Besides being affordable and sustainable they exhibit special properties like functionalizable, exo-cyclic double-bonds, chirality, and bicycles.

Further aspects of my research besides monomer synthesis and polymerization are the functionalization of polymer and/or monomer, preparation of blends for medical applications and various analytical methods.

My publications

Magdalena Maria Kleybolte, Laura Zainer, Jin Y. Liu, Paul N. Stockmann, Malte Winnacker, Macromol. Rapid Commun.2022, 43, 2200185, Front cover
"(+)-Limonene-Lactam: Synthesis of a Sustainable Monomer for Ring-Opening-Polymerization to Novel, Biobased Polyamides".

Magdalena Maria Kleybolte, Malte Winnacker*, Macromolecular Rapid Comm 2021, 42, (13), 2100065, 
"β-Pinene-derived Polyesteramides and Their Blends: Advances in Their Upscaling, Processing, and Characterization"

Other publications

Fatemeh Niknam, Vito Capaccio, Magdalena M. Kleybolte, David H. Lamparelli, Malte Winnacker, Giulia Fiorani, Carmine Capacchione, ChemPlusChem 2022, e202200038.
[OSSO]-Type Chromium(III) Complexes for the Reaction of CO2 with Epoxides.

David Hermann Lamparelli, Magdalena Maria Kleybolte, Malte Winnacker, Carmine Capacchione, Polymers 2021, 13, 838
"Sustainable Myrcene-Based Elastomers via a Convenient Anionic Polymerization"