Paula Grossmann, M.Sc.


Raum: CRC 3006

Telefon: 54160

email: paula.grossmann(at)

The shape of a heterogeneous catalyst has a high impact on a chemical reaction by influencing e.g. pressure drop or heat and mass transport. Established industrial forming techniques such as tableting or extrusion are often limited in geometry variation. Additive manufacturing offers the chance to obtain novel, complex geometries and therefore the possibility to manufacture tailor-made catalyst shapes for the desired applications. 

My research project:

The focus of my project is on material development and investigating post-processing methods for the Additive Manufacturing of heterogeneous catalysts. Therefore, my research covers a broad field from 3D printing and material chemistry to catalysis. This project works in collaboration with Clariant Produkte Deutschland GmbH (Project of MuniCat – a strategic Alliance of Clariant and Technical University of Munich).