Christine Benning

Chemical-Technical Assistant




since 02/1996

Chemical-technical assistant, Institute of Hydrochemistry, Technische Universität München, Munich

1993 – 1995

Trained as a licensed chemical-technical assistant at the Chemical School Dr. Elhardt, Munich


Scanning Electron Microscopy  SEM/EDX

  • Sample preparation 
  • Imaging and elemental analysis on various organica and inorganic samples
  • Cryo-EM: sample preparation with cryoplunge system and method development
  • instrument maintenance

Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry ICP-MS

  • Development of new methods, sample preparation, analyses, and data evaluation
  • Single Particle ICP-MS
  • Instrument maintenance 

Microwave pressure digestion

  • Method development on different organic and inorganic samples
  • Instrument maintenance 


  • Sample preparation for nanoparticle analysis, partly under inert gas atmosphere