Dr. Klemens Thaler





since 02/2017

Post-Doc at the Chair for Analytical Chemistry,

responsible for the Down to Ten project

01/2014 - 01/2017

PhD Student at the Chair for Analytical Chemistry,  Member of the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering, TUM

Thesis title: "Applications of photoacoustic spectroscopy for the time-resolved study of N2O emission from wastewater treatment plants and photokinetics in suspended single particles"

6/2013 - 12/2013

Master Thesis at the Chair for Analytical Chemistry, Technische Universität München "Discharge optical emission spectrometry in biogas"


Master’s program at Technische Universität München


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Technische Universität München, “Photophoresis and photoacoustic of aerosols: characterization, comparison and aging”


Industrial high school „Max Valier Bozen“, branch of study: Electronics and telecommunication engineering with high-school diploma (Abitur)

Practical experience Internships at several companies with focus on electronics or advertising

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Thaler, K. M., Niessner, R., Haisch, C. Laboratory and field studies on a new sensor for dissolved N2O. Anal Bioanal Chem (2017) 409, 4719-4727.

Thaler, K. M., Berger, C., Leix, C., Drewes, J., Niessner, R., Haisch, C. Photoacoustic spectroscopy for the quantification of n2o in the off-gas of wastewater treatment plants. Anal Chem (2017) 89, 3795-3801.

Cremer, J.; Thaler, K.; Haisch, C.; Signorell, R. Photoacoustics of single laser-trapped nanodroplets for the direct observation of nanofocusing in aerosol photokinetics. Nature Communications (2016) 10941.