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SOCoMED - Supramolecular Organometallic and Coordination Complexes for Biomedical Applications

SOCoMED is a joint project of TUM School of Natural Science and EPFL School of Basic Sciences. The main goal is to evaluate and develop the potential of new types of supramolecular complexes as metallodrugs, drug delivery platforms and imaging agents. Different classes of these metallosupramolecular assemblies will be synthesized and characterized varying in terms of ligand composition, metal ion, morphology as well as porosity. In detail, the supramolecular host-guest properties will be screened as well as the biocompatibility, toxicity, and anti-cancer activity. The compounds will also be tested towards applicability as contrast agents for soft tissue imaging using X-ray computed tomography (CT), as well as for radiotherapy and imaging. In particular, we will study the possibility of functionalization of the supramolecular complexes to introduce tags or peptide-vectors to enable targeted imaging and drug delivery.


Ruthenium-peptide conjugates: arrows for selectively targeting breast cancer

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