31.10.2020 Successful Master's Thesis

We congratulate Daniel Baranowski for the completion of his Master's Thesis!
Regardless of the difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he managed to finish his Thesis just in time.

Lectures via Moodle / Vorlesungen über Moodle

Due to the access restrictions to the university buildings both "Molekülstruktur und Spektroskopie" and "Surface Spectroscopy and Microscopy" are held digitally via Moodle. Lectures will be provided on a weekly basis. Please refer to the Moodle-Website for further information. All information regarding rooms and lecturing-times and exam dates can be neglected for the moment.

Durch die Zugangsbeschränkung zu den Fakultätsgebäuden werden beide Vorlesungen "Molekülstruktur und Spektroskopie" und "Oberflächen-Spektroskopie und Mikroskopie" bis auf weiteres digital über Moodle gehalten. Vorlesungen werden auf wöchentlicher Skala bereitgestellt. Bitte entnehmen Sie die aktuellen Informationen der Moodle-Webseite. Alle Informationen bezüglich Vorlesungsräumen, -zeiten und Prüfungsdatum können bis auf weiteres ignoriert werden.

"Molekülstruktur und Spektroskopie"

"Surface Spectroscopy and Microscopy"

Due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus we can currently only be reached via email! See you soon!

Congratulations on Jürgen Kraus for the completion of his PhD!

On the 24th of january 2020 Jürgen Kraus has successfully finished his PhD, we wish him best of luck at his new position!

Christmas is near!

The christmas-analyzer wishes everybody happy christmas!

Successful Master's Thesis completion by Tabea Gros

Tabea Gros has successfully completed her Master's Thesis on the topic of "Characterization of catalyst surfaces by quantitative X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy".
According to supervisor T.K. it turned out to be an exceptional work. Congratulations!

12.07.2019 Congratulations Anne!

Anne Oppelt finished her Bachelor's Thesis in our group, where she worked on "Graphene growth and transfer for the sealing of environmental cells".
Congratulations on the great work and good luck for the Master studies!

10.2018 & 11.2018: Measurements at the Nanospectroscopy Beamline, Elettra, Trieste

28.07.2017 Jürgen Kraus receives "Evonik Forschungspreis 2017"

Jürgen Kraus obtained the "Evonik Forschungspreis 2017" at the Tag der Fakultät 2017 for his outstanding research contributions during his Ph.D. We congratulate for this award and the respective prize money of 1500 €!

01.07.2017: Dr. Patrick Zeller heading to Italy

As our former colleague Dr. Patrick Zeller left Munich heading towards a Post-Doctoral position at the synchrotron in Trieste, Italy, we wish him best of success there.

Impressionen aus dem Labor

Zu Halloween finden Messungen in der UHV-Kammer des Schreckens statt.

Group Summer Seminar 2018

In cooperation with the Group of Prof. Wintterlin (LMU Munich), this years summer retreat was held in Blaustein, Ulm.

New PhD student in the group

After over one year of outstanding work in our group during his internship and Masters Thesis we are happy to announce that Tim Kratky (M. Sc.) will continue his research during his PhD Thesis at the AK Günther!

01.01.2017 / 01.02.2017: New Group Members

Patrick Zeller (left) and Paul Leidinger (right) joined our group!!! Welcome!

The picture shows them both after the successful conquest of the 'Ulmer Münster'!

13.01.2017: Indexing moiré patterns of metal-supported graphene and related systems: strategies and pitfalls

Building up on the publication "What are the possible moiré patterns of graphene on hexagonally packed surfaces? -Universal solution for hexagonal coincidence lattices, derived by a geometric construction" this new publication reports on strategies to characterize hexagonal coincidence phases by analyzing the involved spatial moiré beating frequencies of the pattern.