The courses of Technische Chemie II address students specializing on technical chemistry, chemical engineering and all who are interested in catalysis. In teaching our main focus lies on kinetics of heterogeneous catalyzed reactions, the description of catalytic surfaces and industrial chemical processes.

Furthermore, we provide insights into laboratories and operations of technical chemistry during a practical course.

We are happy to offer several projects to students to write their Bachelor's or Master's theses or to complete research internships in one of our research areas. Please don't hestitate to contact the co-investigators or PhD students for more informations directly. A list of topics can be found below.

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Topics for Bachelor and Master thesises and reasearch internships

Registation for research internships


"Synth." = Synthesis of catalysts; "Charac." = characterization of synthesized catalysts; "React. Kin." = Examination of reaction kinetics in one of our reactor systems

  Topic Supervisor Synth. Charac. React. Kin.

Solid-acid catalyzed reactions in liquid phase

Florian Zahn x x x
  Catalytic upcycling of linear alkanes in ionic environment Lennart Wahl x x x
  Electrification of steam methane reforming Martin Baumgärtl   x x
  Photochemical/electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction Rachit Khare   x x
  Systematic XAS/XES study of 3d TMs on EasyXAFS Rachit Khare   x  
  Zeolite encapsulated MoS clusters for hydrogenation reactions Rachit Khare x x x
  Implementation of AIML techniques to catalysis data Rachit Khare                    programming
  Utilization of modified graphite carbon nitride materials in catalysis and photo-oxidation reactions

Amen Shahpal

x x x
  Catalytic upcycling of plastic waste into liquid fuels Wei Zhang x x x