Group Seminar

Format: Presentation and discussion of interesting literature, numerical or technical facts, tools and fundamental questions of science. Informal scientific get-together with coffee and biscuits

Date: Tuesdays, 4:00 pm (16:00), unless stated otherwise

Room: CH 63214 (Seminar Room TUM.computational)

For appointment requests please contact Johannes Margraf or Harald Oberhofer.

Date Speaker Title
05.11.19 New Group Members Introductions
12.11.19 Prof. Karsten Reuter (TU München) Masterplan I
13.11.19 (Mi, 14:00) Sandra Döpking (FU Berlin) A multilevel kinetic Monte Carlo approach
19.11.19 Gabriele Semino (TU München) Data-Driven Analysis of TEM Images for Complex Crystal Structures Using A Pattern Matching Algorithm
26.11.19 Sina Stocker & Simon Wengert (TU München) Impressions from a Research Stay in Cambridge
18.12.19 (Mi, 15:00) Konstantin Jakob (TU München) Parametrization of an MPE Implicit Solvation Model with Focus on an Accurate Estimate of Electrostatic Solvent-Solute Interactions
18.12.19 (Mi, 15:30) Thorben Eggert (TU München) Simulation of ultrafast laser-induced metal surface heating
08.01.20 (Mi, 14:00) Hedda Oschinski (U Hannover) tba