Research Lab Courses in Inorganic Chemistry for the Master's Study Program in Chemistry

The organization and documentation of research internships ("Forschungspraktika") in inorganic chemistry is provided by Dr. Christian Gemel ( This includes handling the registration and documentation of all internships, as well as communicating with the examination office.

  • To initiate the registration process, use this form to provide information about yourself and your first research internship (research group, supervising coworker, e.g. PhD student or postdoc, start date). Please send the completed form via email to Christian Gemel before the commencement of the first internship.

  • For the registration of your second internship, send an informal email to Christian Gemel, including information about the working group, the supervising coworker, and the start date of the lab work.

  • The duration of each internship is 25 days. Upon completion of the lab work, notify Christian Gemel by email.

  • Submit a PDF copy of the final report to Christian Gemel via email.

  • Your research internship will be graded after the report submission. The grade is based on lab performance (50%), participation in discussions regarding preparations and results (25%), and the written report (25%).