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One of the major milestones in the history of polymerization was without a doubt the discovery of Karl Ziegler in 1953, that transition-metal halides combined with aluminum-compounds can polymerize ethylene to polyethylene, even under ambient pressure. Just one year later, Giulio Natta used the concept of this so called coordinative polymerization to polymerize propylene to polypropylene. The coordinative polymerization was investigated over the years in more detail by changing the reaction parameters and co-catalysts. This led to the discovery of metallocene-type catalysts, such as Cp2TiCl2 by Natta and Breslow in 1957. By using these single-site catalyst systems, various parameters of the received polypropylene, such as the tacticity, molecular weight and melting transition, can easily be fine-tuned.

My research project:

My work focusses on the synthesis of group IV-metallocenes with different symmetries. For this aim, the work in the laboratory is diversely designed and starts with classic (metal-)organic chemistry to isolate the desired ligand systems and catalysts. Subsequently, these catalysts are examined in the polymerization of propylene under various conditions to form ultrahigh molecular weight polypropylene. The obtained polymer is then analyzed via GPC-, NMR- and DSC-analysis.


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Related Publications on the project:

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