Main Group Elements and Lanthanides for precise polymer microstructures: responsive surfaces, targeted drug delivery nanobots & biodegradable PHB
ASSB (all solid state batteries): Novel polymers as conducting separators - on the way to high capacity ASSBs
Transition Metal Catalysis @ Circular Economy: Ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefines - the search for perfect order & societal responsibility

Catalytically programmed functional nano-objects

Inorganic nanoparticles for polymer composites - from nanomaterials to functional devices (international graduate school “ATUMS”, DFG: IRTG 2022)

Can silicon afford a transition-metal-type catalysis? Novel, noble-metal-free crosslinking protocols for polysiloxanes

Ultrafast catalysis for polycarbonates and polyurethanes. Multinuclear metal complexes enable the photoreduction of CO2

Additive Manufacturing is investigated as an innovative method for shaping heterogeneous catalysts. Contrary to the established industrial forming techniques such as tableting or extrusion, 3D printing offers the chance to obtain novel and complex geometries. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture tailor-made catalyst shapes for the desired applications. This project works in collaboration with Clariant Produkte Deutschland GmbH (Project of MuniCat – a strategic Alliance of Clariant and Technical University of Munich).