Amelie Mühlbach


Raum: 3008 CRC

Telefon: 082-289-54162

email: amelie.muehlbach(at)

Since the discovery of graphene in 2004, research on group IV two-dimensional nanomaterials has attracted much attention, especially on nanosheets based on silicon. These materials exhibit special structural, electronic, and optical properties and are thus considered as promising materials for e.g., photovoltaic solar cells, photodetectors, or anode materials in lithium-ion batteries.

My research project:

My research focuses on silicon nanosheets, so-called silicane, which are hydrogenated graphene analogues. Within the scope of my project, I am interested in finding a new preparation pathway to oxygen-free silicane. Further I aim to investigate the photodegradation of this material as well as the surface functionalization of silicane. This work involves the synthesis and modification of nanomaterials and characterization by several analytical methods (e.g. FTIR, TGA, PL,…). My project is part of the ATUMS program, an international and interdisciplinary training program of the University of Alberta and the Technical University of Munich.