21.04.2023 Sebastian and Johanna published in ACS Catalysis about the question Does Cluster Encapsulation Inhibit Sintering? Stabilization of Size-Selected Pt Clusters on Fe3O4(001) by SMSI. Congratulations!
13.04.2023 Have a look at Lang Xu's new publicantion on the Formation of active sites on transition metals through reaction-driven migration of surface atoms in Science. Also check out the press release.
20.03.2023 A warm welcome to Mohammad Salehi. He is our new PhD student and will work on the LT-STM setup together with Birgitta.
01.03.2023 Welcome to Alex Nitsche, our new internship student.
12.12.2022 Check out Karl's publication about the PyfastSPM: A Python package to convert 1D FastSPM data streams into publication quality movies in SoftwareX. The software we use to convert the raw data from our FastSTM into movie files - with all the necessary corrections - is presented in this work.
01.12.2022 We welcome Matthias Füchsl in the group. He will support us as a student assistant.
19.09.2022 Congratulations to Philip Petzoldt on his publication about Tuning Strong Metal–Support Interaction Kinetics on Pt-Loaded TiO2(110) by Choosing the Pressure: A Combined Ultrahigh Vacuum/Near-Ambient Pressure XPS Study in The Journal of Physical Chemisty C.
16.09.2022 Welcome to Julius Needham, a new visitor from the Technical University of Denmark.
05.09.2022 We welcome Nils Refvik, another visitor from the University of Alberta.

Have a look at the article about Nereida Abad-Yang from Imperial College London, who is visiting our group through the TUM PREP exchange program.

27.06.2022 Welcome to Sabrina Duswald, joining the group in the new LT-STM Lab for a research internship.
15.06.2022 We welcome Howe Simpson from the University of Alberta. He visits us for two months through the ATUMS program.
01.04.2022 We welcome Birgitta Müller who is joining the group as a postdoc and Elena Bittner our new student assistant.
01.02.2022 Welcome to our new postdoc Florian Kraushofer.
29.11.2021 We welcome Elisabeth Springl who joins us for a research internship.
04.10.2021 Aya Haj Abdulkader is joining the group for a research internship. Welcome!
20.09.2021 We welcome Johanna Plansky as a new PhD student.
16.07.2021 We congratulate Sebastian on his publication about Cluster Catalysis with Lattice Oxygen: Tracing Oxygen Transport from a Magnetite (001) Support onto Small Pt Clusters in ACS Catalysis.
14.06.2021 We welcome Moritz Bohn who joins the group for a research internship.
12.04.2021 Alina Bach is joining the group for a research internship. Welcome!
01.03.2021 We welcome Vivian Meier. She is joinig the group for a research internship.
01.02.2021 We welcome Matthias Krinninger as a new PhD student.
02.11.2020 Our new Aarhus NAP-STM by Specs has arrived in our Lab at TUM.
02.11.2020 We welcome Olha Popova to the group as a postdoc.