Dr. Martin Baumgärtl


Catalysis Research Center and Chemistry Department

Technische Universität München

Lichtenbergstraße 4

85748 Garching, Germany



since 2021 PostDoc at the Chair of Technical Chemsitry II TUM
2016 - 2021 PhD student at TUM supervised by Prof. Dr. Johannes A. Lercher
2013 - 2015 Master of Science at Technische Universität München                      
Titel of Master's Thesis "Activity trends in Ga/HMFI catalysts for propane dehydrogenation  ̶  Synergetic interaction of Gallium species and acid sites"
2011 - 2013 Bachelor of Science at Technische Universität München
2002 - 2011 Abitur at König-Karlmann Gymnasium Altötting



In traditional industrial processes that produce hydrogen, heat is generated via fuel combustion. This not only decrease productivity, but it is responsible for approximately 40% of the plant CO2 emissions. Additionally, the inefficient and complicated reactor design results in expensive and difficult to scale down plant configurations. SYPOX has developed a new reactor technology that replaces burners and use electric heating elements to supply the required heat. In this way we drastically reduce CO2 emissions, process complexity, and capital costs.



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