Dr. Ruixue Zhao

PhD student

Catalysis Research Center and Chemistry Department

Technische Universität München

Lichtenbergstraße 4

85748 Garching, Germany



2015 - 2021 PhD Student at TCII, Technical University of Munich, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Johannes A. Lercher
2012 - 2015 Master of Engineering (Industrial Catalysis), Dalian University of Technology, China
2008 - 2012 Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering and Technology), Dalian University of Technology, China


Cracking of hydrocarbons on medium pore zeolites for the production of light oIefin

In comparison to the numerous studies done on cracking of alkanes, there is no so much information available for alkenes. To gain fundamental knowledge of the catalytic cracking reactions of olefins, the scope of the proposed research will be focused on three main parts: study of the elementary steps in cracking of alkenes on zeolites, study of the influence of the zeolite framework on their activity and study of the effect of co-feeding small amounts of H20 with the olefin feed.

Fellowships and Awards:

Chinese Scholarship Council