M.Sc. Silva Kronawitter

Joined the team in March 2020.

Graduated in 2020 at TUM under the guidance of Gregor Kieslich and Roland A. Fischer.

Room No.: 4039
Phone: +49 89 289 54133
E-mail: silva.kronawitter[at]tum.de

Research Topic: ABX3 Perovskite Coordination Networks as Barocalorics

The rising demand for cooling technologies due to global warming caused by climate change is sparking new motivation in the search for climate-friendly, greenhouse free and safe cooling alternatives. Solid-state cooling based on the barocaloric effect represents a fascinating opportunity in this context, with key principles related to the question ‘what makes a good barocaloric’ largely unknown. In the pursuit of identifying high-performance barocalorics, my research focuses on the material class of ABX3 perovskite coordination networks. The chemical diversity of perovskite coordination networks makes these to an intriguing material platform, offering fascinating opportunities in the search for fundamental principles behind high-efficient barocaloric working media.


Selected Publications

K. Hemmer,* S. M. Kronawitter,* N. Grover, B. Twamley, M. Cokoja, R. A. Fischer, G. Kieslich, M. O. Senge, Inorg. Chem. 2024, XXXX, XXX-XXX. Understanding and Controlling Molecular Compositions and Properties in Mixed-Linker Porphyrin Metal–Organic Frameworks.

S. Kronawitter, S. Hallweger, J. Meyer, C. Pedri, S. Burger, A. Alhadid, S. Henke, G. Kieslich, APL Mater. 2023, 11, 031119. Li(C2N3) as eutectic forming modifier in the melting process of the molecular perovskite [(C3H7)3N(C4H9)]Mn(C2N3)3±.

L. Petters, S. Burger, S. Kronawitter, M. Drees, G. Kieslich, CrystEngComm. 2021, 23, 5425. Linear Negative Thermal Expansion in Pd(acac)2.

S. Burger, S. Kronawitter, H. L. B. Boström, J. K. Zaręba, G. Kieslich, Dalton Trans. 2020, 49, 10740. A new polar perovskite coordination network with azaspiroundecance as A-site cation.