Quantum Days at the Deutsches Museum

[19.-21.05.2023] With "Quantum Bits at your fingertips", Prof. Steffen Glaser (TU Munich, MCQST, MQV) and his team will illustrate the fundamentals of quantum information processing.

Munich's Long Night of Museums 2022

On 15th October we took part at the event „EVERYTHING is science“ organised by the German Museum. At its Science Communication Lab we explained Quantum Computing with the help of Visualisations


TUM Entdeckerinnen: MINT-Erlebnis an der Uni [more]

Press release: Classical mechanics helps control quantum computers

[13.07.2017] Into the quantum world with a tennis racket [more]

TUM Press release: New insights into the tumor metabolism

[15.05.2017] Medical imaging: new biosensor zymonic acid shows changes in pH value [more]

Publication: Time-optimal excitation of maximum quantum coherence: Physical limits and pulse sequences

[02.05.2016] Article of S. S. Köcher, T. Heydenreich, Y. Zhang, G. N. M. Reddy, S. Caldarelli, H. Yuan and S. J. Glaser in J. Chem. Phys. 144, 164103 (2016) [more]

Publication : Spin Echoes in the Regime of Weak Dephasing

[31.01.2016] Article from J. Asslander, S. J. Glaser and J. Hennig. It analyzes possibilities and limits of spin echoes beyond Hahn's theory. [more]

TV: Quanten-Tuning

[22.12.2015] Algorithems for the control of quantum spins [more]

App: DROPS Matrix Visualization

[03.06.2015] App gives insights into the quantum world of coupled spins [more]