Open Positions

We are currently inviting applications for postdoctoral position(s) to develop and apply nitrogen-vacancy center-based NMR spectroscopy within two different directions:
1) Surface NMR spectroscopy. Recently we have applied NV-centers for probing chemistry at surfaces and interfaces [1]. We want to strengthen this research direction by i) developing a second generation of NV-based NMR spectrometer and ii) applying it to material/energy conversion and/or bioanalytical applications.
The highly motivated candidate should have expertise in solid-state NMR, EPR, or NV-quantum sensing and be interested in technology development.

2) Single-cell NMR spectroscopy. Our group aims to develop NV-based NMR spectroscopy on the single-cell level [2]. In order to achieve the necessary sensitivities, i) hyperpolarization methods must be applied, and the NV-NMR detection must be improved. In the project, these technological developments will be combined with applications in single-cell biology.
The highly motivated candidate should have expertise in hyperpolarization methods (DNP; PHIP, Overhauser etc.) and in hands-on NMR technology development (magnet, RF, etc.)

To apply, email a motivation letter, CV, and contact information for two references to Dominik Bucher (

More details on the previous development of this project can be found in the following references:

[1] Surface NMR using quantum sensors in diamond, PNAS, 119 (5) e2111607119 (2022)

[2] Hyperpolarization-enhanced NMR spectroscopy with femtomole sensitivity using quantum defects in diamond.  Physical Review X 10, 021053 (2020)