Open Positions

  • Master, PhD or Postdoc positions: NV-NMR on thin film (energy) materials

Recently, we have applied NV-centers to perform NMR at surfaces and interfaces (PNAS 2022). We want to strengthen this research direction by applying this method to probe thin film materials, focusing on catalysis and battery materials.

The highly motivated candidate should have expertise in solid-state NMR spectroscopy or NV-quantum sensing, and be interested in technology development.


  • Master thesis:  Developing a biocompatible platform for quantum sensing experiments 

This project aims to investigate the biocompatibility of a microfluidic platform. To this end, the project will address several key aspects of cellular behavior and functionality for NV-NMR measurements. Potential projects such as cellular attachment, cellular viability, fluorescent labeling, and functionality assays before and after the NV-NMR measurements. The aim should also be to contribute to a scientific publication.