DROPS Matrix Visualization

A better understanding of the optimal control of coupled spins is essential for quantum based technologies like magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and future quantum computers.

The video shows actual screen recordings of the free SpinDrops app which provides intuitive and comprehensible access to the fascinating world of quantum control for anyone interested in the optimal control and utilization of quantum phenomena.

The so-called DROPS (discrete representation of operators for spin systems) representation maps the density matrix onto three-dimensional drop like objects. They reflect all quantum mechanical interactions and entanglements between the spins at a given point in time.

The examples shown in the video include spin rotations, precession, coherence transfer and multiple-quantum excitation.

Visualizing Operators of Coupled Spin Systems,Spin Drops, N. J. Glaser, M. Tesch, S. J. Glaser, Version 1.2 [Mobile application], itunes.apple.com (2015). A. Garon, R. Zeier, S. J. Glaser, Phys. Rev. A 91, 042122 (2015); free preprint: arXiv 1409.5417.

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