Visiting Professors

Dr. Stefano Leoni - TUM Global Visiting Professorship, SS 2024

Dr. Filipa Mendes - TUM Global Visiting Professorship, SS 2023

Prof. Rianne Lord - TUM Global Visiting Professorship, WS 2022

Prof. Emma Gallo - TUM Global Visiting Professorship, SS 2022

Prof. Didier Bourissou - TUM Global Visiting Professorship, SS 2021

Prof. Camilla Abbehausen - TUM Global Visiting Professorship, WS 2020

Prof. Danilo Ciccone Miguel - Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) Visiting Professor - 1st March- 30th June 2020.



Visiting Researchers

Dr. Tamara Rodriguez Prieto

Project: "Bioconjugation of metallodrugs to biomacromolecules for medical applications". Margarita Salas Post-Doctoral Scholarship  - from 01-01-2022 till 31-12-2023

Ana Luiza de Andrade Querino

"Sandwich" PhD student - Capes Brazil Fellow from 07.2022 till 07.2023

Stefano Liotino

Visting student from the University of Bologna (Italy) - From 04.07.2023 until 31.12.2023

Lukas Skos

Visiting PhD student - DoSChem "International Exchange" fellowship - University of Vienna - From 04.09.2023 until 30.11.2023

César Luis Ruiz

Visiting PhD student - University Jaume I - From 02.10.2023 until 31.12.2023

Dr. Denise Lovison

 DAAD Fellow from 01.06. till 31.12.2021.

Project: "Bioorthogonal catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions with late transition metal complexes for cancer therapy”

Design, synthesis and characterization of novel ruthenium complexes for biological applications and investigations of metal complexes' interactions with relevant substrates in biological systems.