Curriculum Vitae Dr. Markus Drees

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Personal Details 


December 15th, 1975

Citizenship: German


scientific coworkers as a Chemist (Diploma), Dr. rer. nat.

Final degrees / Certificates


Doctorate graduation Dr. rer. nat. (magna cum laude - 1,3 - very good)
University of Technology Dresden, Germany

12/2001 Graduation as Chemist (Diploma) / M.Sc. (Grade: 2,3 - good)
University of Technology Munich, Germany
06/1995 University-Entrance Diploma (German Abitur - grade: 2,1 - good)
Gymnasium München/Moosach, Munich, Germany

Course of Studies

11/1996 -12/2001

Studies of Chemistry (Diploma)
University of Technology Munich, Germany
Focus areas:

  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Inorganic Chemistry (Organometallic Chemistry)
  Title of the diploma thesis: "Theoretical investigations for the reaction of chromyl chloride with alkenes and for the stereo selective synthesis of Naproxen(R)" (grade 1,6 - good)

Doctoral research phase

01/2002 - 03/2004 Doctorate student, Chair for Inorganic Cheistry, University of Technology Munich, Germany (advisors: Prof. W. A. Herrmann, Lecturer. Dr. T. Straßner)
04/2004 - 10/2006 Doctorate student, Chair for Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Technology Dresden, Germany (advisor: Prof. T. Straßner)
  Thesis Title: "DFT calculations on the C-H, C-C, Si-H activation and on the oxygen atom transfer mediated by metal-oxo compounds"
  Further duties: Teaching (lab course assistant), network administration, web design, administration of Linux and Windows computer systems

Postdoctoral Career

10/2006 - 05/2007scientific coworker, Chair for Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Technology Dresden, Germany
06/2007 - 12/2013scientific coordinator, international graduate school NANOCAT (Network of Excellence Bavaria), Technische Universität Munich, Germany
Project Team Leader IGSSE projecte "White Biotechnology" and "Augmented Chemistry"
Since 03/2010Managing director of the Departmental Graduate School in Chemistry, TU München(until 2013 as coworker of the Chair Inorganic Chemistry I, since 2014 as coworker of the Department
Since 05/2010 Secretary of the Examination Board for the study programme Chemistry B.Sc.

International Experience

09/2002 - 10/2002Research visit, UCLA (USA) at the group of Prof. M. M. Abu-Omar Goal: Collaboration in a joint experimental and computational project (oxygen atom transfer)

Alternative Civilian Service

07/1995 - 07/1996Bavarian Red Cross, District Munich, Ambulance driver, paramedic

Additional part-time work

08/1996 - 09/1998Part-time paramedic, Bavarian Red Cross, Munich
10/1998 - 10/1999Student coworker gsf (Helmholtz Society), Institute for Immunulogy, Munich-Neuherberg, Germany Preparatory work for Introduction of a computationally assisted storage possibiliy of human blood samples and support in the care of mobile air pollution monitoring sites
11/1999 - 03/2001Student coworker (Chair for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Technology Munich: Supervision of student exercises in "Mathematics for Chemists")

Volontary work

12/2001 - 12/2003
& 09/2013

President of the club "Friends of the 1860-Stadium e.V." in Munich - social engaged club for the preservation of the time-honored soccer stadium and to help socially unpriviledged people in the neighborhood of the stadium
02/2009 - 09/2013Member of the board of the club "Friends of the 1860-Stadium e.V." 
07/2015 - Member of the advisory board of TSV München von 1860 e.V.(since 12/2016: chairman of the board)

Interest and Hobbies 

Hiking, travel, internet, computer simulations, soccer / football, squash, politics

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