The AMC Chair provides an interdisciplinary, international, and English-speaking research environment at the interface between chemistry, physics, and engineering, in the areas of synthetic chemistry and catalysis, new materials, nanostructure and nanotechnology research (see Research Topics). Our intellectual and technical basis is inorganic or organometallic molecular and synthetic chemistry.

We are continuously offering topics for dissertations and for postdocs. If you are interested, feel free to apply at any time. We also offer opportunities for research internships to international visiting students. More information is available from the scientific leaders of the AMC subgroups and the associated reseaarch fellows, as well as from our PhD students.

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

We offer topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses. You can apply at any time. The admission requirements are regulated in the examination regulations or subject-specific supplementary regulations.

B.Sc. theses  comprise 11 ECTS, which rougly equals a lab work time of about 8 weeks plus 4 weeks of writing (individual time planning may slightly vary). Topics of B.Sc. theses are usually related to current research areas of the research group.

M.Sc. theses comprise 30 ECTS, i.e. a total of 6 months of lab work and writing. M.Sc. theses have a high research relevance and are intensively supervised by Ph.D. students or experienced research assistants. Your results will usually contribute to an original publication in English, which you will actively contribute to.

Student Jobs

We are continually looking for qualified student assistants to support in teaching, i.e., exercises and practical lab courses in inorganic chemistry in the bachelor's degree program. We are also happy to offer you the opportunity to work on current research within the framework of DFG projects and industrial collaborations.