Research Interests Dr. Markus Drees

During the doctorate phase:

I utilized quantum chemical calculations (density functional theory) to enlighten reaction mechanisms in the organic and organometallic chemistry. The main subject of this work consists of oxidations of CH bonds, CC double bonds, and SiH bonds with high-valent metal-oxo compounds (RuO4, MoO2Cl2, CrO2Cl2). The oxygen atom transfer (OAT) reaction mediated by a rhenium-oxo catalyst is also considered.

In cooperations with other research groups, additional projects were carried out for the investigation of the rearrangement equilibrium at silicon-nitrogen heterocycles, and the intermolecular and intramolecular [2+2] cycloaddition of olefins with sulfonamide isocyanates in the synthesis of sulfide amide lactames.

During the postdoctoral career:

In the environment of the metalorganic research at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry and the Group of Molecular Catalysis, experimental work could be assisted by DFT studies in the field of mechanism, electronic structure and eventually spectroscopy. The most important papers were the studies for activation of NH3BH3 together with the research group of Prof. Schneider and the studies for CO2 activation in the course of a KAUST-TUM cooperation. Further work has been conducted in a study for hydrosilylation with Pt complex in the framework of the WACKER silicon institute, also reactivities of carbenes and metal-oxo system with molybdenum compounds have been studied. A further project with the company WACKER deals with transvinylations catalysed by Ru complexes.

Student internships

Anybody who is interested to conduct a project in the course of an internship or as additional aspect of a master or doctorate theis, should contact me.