Publications Dr. Markus Drees

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Talks & Lectures

1) "Stereoselective Synthesis of Naproxen - which Factors determine the Stereochemistry?" , 07.04.2002, ORGN-015, ACS Meeting, Orlando, FL (USA)

2) "What is the Active Chromium Species in the Alk(a/e)ne Oxidation?", 10.04.2002, INOR-371, ACS Meeting, Orlando, FL (USA)

3) "Calcuations on Chromyl Chloride Oxidations and Naproxen", 28.09.2002, Houk group meeting, UCLA (USA)

4) "Project overview: ReO(hoz)2 as oxygen transfer catalyst", 05.10.2002, Abu-Omar group meeting, UCLA (USA)

5) "DFT calculations as predictive tools for syntheses and mechanisms in (metal)organic chemistry ", 04.12.2006, Assessment Event, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield (UK)

6) "What experimentalists should know about computational chemistry? - Part I", 12.09.08, NanoCat Seminar, Technische Universität München, Garching (D)

7) "What experimentalists should know about computational chemistry? - Part II", 31.10.08, NanoCat Seminar, Technische Universität München, Garching (D)

8) "Metall-oxo compunds in catalysis: Activation of unreactive bonds", 08.01.09, CRC-Workshop "Computation in Catalysis" , Technische Universität München, Garching (D)

Poster Presentations

1) "Chromyl chloride, a DFT study of the Étard reaction", September 2003, Poster INOR-456, ACS Meeting, New York City, NY (USA)

2) "A density functional study about the oxidation of ethene with ruthenium tetraoxide", März 2004, Poster INOR-585, ACS Meeting, Anaheim, CA (USA)

3) "Multielectron Atom Transfer Reactions of Pyridine-N-oxide and other substrates catalysed by Re-oxazoline: Mechanism and DFT-study", Januar 2005, WATOC-Konferenz, Kapstadt (Südafrika)

4) "A Density Functional Study about the Oxidation of Ethene with Ruthenium Tetraoxide", Januar 2005, WATOC-Konferenz, Kapstadt (Südafrika).

5) "The oxidation of alkenes and alkanes by ruthenium tetraoxide - a DFT investigation", November 2005, Symposium Graduiertenkolleg GK352, TU Berlin.

6) "Hydrosilylation of carbonyl compounds by metal-oxo catalysis: Manifold mechanisms - a DFT study", September 2007, GdCh-Wissenschaftsforum 2007, Universität Ulm.