Department of Chemistry

Physical und Theoretical Chemistry

Chair of Electron Microscopy with research emphasis on Energy Materials (Prof. Willinger | PC8)
Assistant Professorship of Functional Nanomaterials (Prof. Lechner | PC7)
Associate Professorship of Dynamic Spectroscopy (Prof. Hauer | PC6)
Chair of Physical Chemistry (Prof. Heiz | PC1)
Associate Professorship of Physical Chemistry with Focus on Catalysis (Prof. Günther | PC5)
Professorship for quantum sensing (Prof. Bucher | 001)
Chair of Technical Electrochemistry (Prof. Gasteiger | PC4)
Assistant Profesorship of Theoretical Methods in Spectroscopy (Prof. Ortmann | TH7)
Theoretische Chemie (Prof. Bokarev | TH5)
Theoretische Chemie (Prof. Stein | 002)


Technical Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry and heterogeneous Catalysis (Prof. Strunk | 006)
Wacker-Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry (Prof. Rieger | TC3)
Werner Siemens-Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology (Prof.Brück | TC4)
Chair of Chemical Technology I (Prof. Hinrichsen | TC1)
former Chair of Chemical Technology II (Prof. Lercher | TC2)