EcoWashCylce: Cascade conversion of mill by-products into customized enzymes, soaps and surfactants as ingredients for ecologically certified detergents and cleaning agents in a waste-free biorefinery

Description of the Project

EcoWashCycle utilizes a holistic biotechnological approach to convert mill residues into customized specialty ingredients of eco-certified detergents. The project focuses on: 1. the production of enzymes for hydrolysis of wheat bran and husks. These enzymes will also be tested in detergent formulations, 2. the resulting biomass hydrolysate will be used to cultivate oil-forming yeasts. The yeast oil is saponified with "green" chemicals and tested as a detergent base formulation, 3. a microbial library is tested for the production of biological surfactants. These surfactants are tested in detergent formulations, 4. the resulting residual biomass and fermentation residues are evaluated as protein-rich animal feed.

Persons: Dr. Farah Qoura (Project-management), Melania Pilz

Funding: BMBF