The research of the Werner Siemens-Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology is focused on fundamental aspects of biocatalysis and genetic engineering to understand and predict the basic molecular and structural features that provide or impose industrial process fitness on biocatalytic systems.

Research involves biocatalytic aspects of biomass transformation into building blocks for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and energy production. Cores themes are the isolation, characterization and process relevant optimization of novel biocatalysts utilizing modern genomics and proteomics tools. Additionally, we use the comprehensive toolbox of synthetic biology to create process tailored whole cell biocatalysts for transformation of biomass into value adding products. Associated with these efforts is the development of research tools for the utilization and optimization of phototrophic organisms that combine remediation of CO2 greenhouse gas effects with the production of value-adding product streams.


  • Biorefinery concepts
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Process optimized Biocatalysts
    • Whole Cell Systems
    • Enzymes


  • Metagenomics
  • Proteomics
  • Strain Optimization
  • High Throughput (HT) Assay Development
  • Instrumental Analytics