Name Date Title


Yunkai Zhang 28.11.2023 Elemental Analysis and Mass Spectrometry of Ultrafine Aerosol Particles
Kevin Li 02.11.2023 Studying the Nucleation of Atmospheric Aerosols using Charged and Neutral Molecular Clusters
Anastasiya Khramchenkova 03.07.2023 Exploring the Applications of Ionic and Neutral Clusters in Modeling Atmospheric Processes

Lucia Mengel


Methanol Photooxidation over Pt10/r-TiO2(110): Investigating the Influence of the SMSI at Different Degrees of Reduction

Paula Neumann 01.02.2023

Photoreforming of Tertiary Alcohols at Ambient Conditions


Flora Siegele 10.09.2021 Design of an Enhanced Ce-Evaporator for CexOThin Film Synthesis
Philip Julian Petzoldt 31.03.2021 Pt Clusters on TiO2(110): Effects of Cluster Size, Loading, and SMSI on the Photoreforming of Methanol


Matthias Krinninger 12.2020 On-surface Carbon Nitride Film Polymerization after Liquid and Vapor Precursor Deposition


Aljoscha Körber 09.2019 High resolution gas phase spectroscopy of 1,1‘-Bi-2-Naphthol
Sebastian Kaiser 09.2019 A highly sensitive setup for reactivity measurements on size-selected supported clusters
Theresa Zach 08.2019 Methane activation by Ta8O2+ cations in the gas phase
Kevin Bertrang 05.2019 Adsorption Properties and Reactivity of α-β-unsaturated Aldehydes on Transition Metal Surfaces
Kordula Schnabl 02.2019 Reaction Pathways of Tertiary Alcohols on Pt-Loaded TiO2(110)


Daniel Rutz 09.2018 Pd cluster deposition on Au(111) in electrochemical environments by using polyoxometalates
Clara Rettenmaier 04.2018 Deposition and reactivity of Pd clusters in an electrochemical environment


Carla Courtois 09.2017 The Mechanisms of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Pro- duction from Methanol on TiO2(110) Supported Pt Clusters


Elmar Mitterreiter 09.2016 Photocatalytic properties of MoS2 membranes
Alexander Bourgund 07.2016 Ultrafast Optical Kerr Gate for Measuring Sub-picosecond Photoluminescence of Semiconductor Nanocrystals


Johannes Gröbner 11.2015 Development of a program for the microkinetic simulation of ion-/molecule reactions in the gas phase
Matthias Jakob 10.2015 Strategies for immobilizing size-selected palladium clusters on carbon supports and investigation of their structure and stability
Kerstin Wachinger 10.2015 Gasphasenspektroskopie laserdesorbierter Moleküle


Maximilian Krause 03.11.2014 Wet Chemically Prepared Nanoparticle Supports for Electrochemical and Photocatalytic Applications
Patrick Schreiber 09.10.2014 Determination of the sensitivity of a TOF-MS with REMPI for the analysis of isomers in UHV: a case study on benzene/Pt(111)
Sebastian Kollmannsberger 01.03.2014 Characterization of the sensitivity of a TOF-MS with REMPI and its capability for the determination of isomers in heterogeneous catalysis


Marian Rötzer 01.10.2013 HD exchange on supported, size-selected Pt clusters in µ-reactors under ambient pressure
Jan F. Eckhard 14.09.2013 A study of rhodium clusters in the gas phase: mass-spectrometric, spectroscopic and adsorption experiments
Constantin A. Walenta 29.08.2013 SHG spectroscopy of supported silver clusters
Tilo Zollitsch 01.08.2013 Enantiosensitive, mass selective laser spectroscopy of chiral molecules in a supersonic molecular beam


Tobias Lünskens 30.03.2012 Second-Harmonic-Generation-Spectroscopy of surface complexes


Andrew S. Crampton 20.10.2011 Electron Spectroscopy With Metastable Atoms - New Insights Into Classical Systems And Promise For Size-Selected Clusters
Tobias Zimmermann 28.04.2011 Adsorption properties and activation of trichloroethene on Pt(111) and size selected Pt clusters
Wiebke Friedrich 21.04.2011 Formation of size-selected metal clusters and their characterization with local and integral methods


Yves Fukamori 09.11.2010 Characterization of thin film MgO on Ag(001) and of graphene on Ru(0001) using scanning probe techniques
Katharina Titze 29.09.2010 Ionenmobilitätsspektrometer mit Laser-Ionenquelle
Irene Pricha 27.09.2010 Characterization of Metal Oxides with Electron Spectroscopies and Temperature Programmed Desorption


Florian Schweinberger 22.12.2009 Adsorption properties and electronic structures of organic molecules on MgO/Mo(100)
Viktorija Juhart 16.3.2009 Elektrokatalytische Untersuchungen an geträgerten Pt-Co Nanopartikeln


Adrian Nam-Su Farnbacher 15.04.2008 Thin Film Oxide Supports: Effects on Nanoclusters Involving Au20
Katrin Hartl 27.03.2008 Optical Spectroscopy of Mass Selected Metal Clusters on SiO2


Philipp Pitschi 4.12.2007 Cavity Ringdown Spektroskopie von geträgerten Nickelclustern


Christoph Logé 15.12.2006 Enantiosensitive Laser-Massenspektrometrie optisch aktiver Ketone (diploma thesis)
Stefan Sellmeier 15.11.2006 Spurenanalytik mit resonanter Lasermassenspektrometrie: Tracerbasierte online Messung des Ölverbrauchs von Benzinmotoren (diploma thesis)


Vahideh Habipour 14.11.2005 Microcalorimetric Study of Biological Processes
Judith Kungl 5.7.2005 Cavity Ringdown Spektroskopie von F-Zentren in Magnesiumoxidoberflächen
Aras Kartouzian 10.11.2005 Application of Cavity Ringdown Laser Spectroscopy