Chair of Physical Chemistry

Cluster Catalysis and Advanced Spectroscopy

VISION - We explore the emergence of new properties of cluster-assembled materials in the non-scalable size regime. With their unique properties often based on quantum size effects, they pave the way towards a plethora of new applications in catalysis and energy conversion.

APPROACH - Our strategy is the assessment of physical and chemical properties in different environments – e.g. from ultra-high vacuum to ambient pressure or non-chiral to chiral environments. We research atomically precise matter with integral and local techniques, including spectroscopy and microscopy. For this purpose, we develop and advance sophisticated methodologies, as well.

PURPOSE - Through exploring the third dimension of the periodical table, we gain fundamental understandings and thereby establish new concepts in selective and asymmetric heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, electro-
catalysis, and beyond.


Magnetron Sputtering 
Cluster Source