Group Meetings SoSe 2022

Each Friday during the semester, 09:05, Room CRC 3002 / ZOOM. Guests are welcome! Coordination: Jozef Lengyel and Florian Kraushofer; Minutes: Flora Siegele and Johanna Plasnky


Ueli Heiz

Kristina Liu

Yihui Yan

General Organization

"Using metal-organic frameworks to confine liquid samples for nanoscale NV-NMR"

"The effect of molecular properties on uptake cross sections"


Johanna Plansky

Lorenzo Chille

"Obtaining quantitive results with the Sniffer-MS setup"

"All-in-one spincoater-spectrometer"


Kevin Bertrang

Flora Siegele

"Oxidation & Reaction of supported Ta clusters"

"Tracking Active Sites in Heterogeneous Catalysis - A Gasphase Study"

27.05.2022 — No seminar  Bridge day

Kevin Liang

Sonia Mackewicz

"Challenges with getting a callibration curve with evaporated BINOL thin-films"

"UHV and NAP-XPS Study of the SMSI of Pt-loaded TiO2 (110)"


Clara Aletsee

Matthias Krinninger

"Reactor Dimensions of our µ-Photoreactor"

"Towards Model Catalysts on 2D-Silica / Pt(111)"

17.06.2022 — No seminar  Bridge day

Tim Kratky

Fabian Freire

"Low Energy Ion Microscopy (LEIM) - Don't tell me LEIS"

"Quantum Sensing of Electrochemically Relevant Materials"


Nathalie Fehn

Sebastian Kaiser

"Chirality Transfer: Induced Circular Dichroism in Gel-Dye Mixtures"

"Clusters and holes"


Birgitta Müller

Tobias Hinke

"Setting up the low-temperature STM from Prof. Harbich's group"

"Most recent results on H2 evolution with supported Ta clusters"


Florian Kraushofer

Joachim Leibold

"Ultrathin Silica Films on Pt(111)"

"Quantum Sensing with Atomic Scale Color Centers"


Philip Petzoldt

Pietro Biasin

"Strong Metal-Support Interaction in Photocatalysis"

"Honeycomb Borophene on Al(111)" - Trieste (Prof. Erik Vesselli)