Welcome to the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry

Our Motivation

Energy storage and conversion play an increasingly important role in overcoming today’s major socio-political and ecological challenges, including the electrification of transportation and the efficient utilization of renewable energy sources. The research at our chair is addressing some of the key technologies by focusing on the fields of (i) batteries, (ii) fuel cells and (iii) electrolyzers.

Our activities encompass several steps along the value chain, starting from material preparation, application of various analytical methods to conducting electrochemical performance tests. Thereby, we maintain close collaboration with other research groups and partners from industry.

Our Research Focus


  • Testing of next generation active materials
  • Development of techniques for material and cell charaterization
  • Elucidation of (electro)chemical ageing mechanisms
  • Correlation between electrode/cell production and performance paramters


Contact persons

Lennart Reuter
Tel: +49-(0)89-289-13841

Fuel Cells

  • Development and characterization of novel platinum group metal-based catalysts and platinum-free catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs)
  • Investigation and optimization of transport processes in catalyst and gas diffusion layers
  • In situ and ex situ diagnostics for performance and durability testing

Contact persons

Yan-Sheng Li
Tel: +49(0)89-289-13835


  • Investigation of next generation catalyst and membrane materials for PEM water electrolyzers
  • Identification of aging mechanisms
  • Optimization of porous transport layers



Contact persons

Matthias Kornherr
Tel: +49-(0)89-289-13856


Applications and other inquiries should be sent directly to the administration assistant (office.tec [] nat.tum.de) or the responsible person (see Open Positions).