Burak Koyuturk

Research Field

PEM Fuel cells and electrocatalysis research

- Synthesis and characterization of novel non-precious cathode electrocatalysts for fuel cell applications

- N-doped Carbons for oxygen reduction reactions

Scientific Contribution


Koyuturk,B.; Altintas, C.; Kinik, F. P.; Keskin, S; Uzun, A. Improving Gas Separation Performance of ZIF-8 by [BMIM][BF4] Incorporation: Interactions and Their Consequences on Performance, Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2017

Kinik, F. P.; Altintas, C.; Balci, V.; Koyuturk, B.; Uzun, A.; Keskin, S. [BMIM][PF6] Incorporation Doubles CO2 Selectivity of ZIF-8: Elucidation of Interactions and Their Consequences on Performance. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016