Dr. Hany El-Sayed

Research Field

PEM Fuel cells and electrocatalysis research:

  • Synthesis and characterization of core-shell nanoparticles for alkaline fuel cell applications
  • Monolayer catalysts for PEM fuel cell applications
  • Oxide-supported IrOx catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (electrolysis)
  • Kinetics of metallic nanoparticle formation via chemical reaction methods
  • Pt-ALD catalysts for PEM fuel cells (CATAPULT, An EU-funded project) 

Scientific Contribution

42 refereed publications
25 conference presentations
2 Pending patents
2 book chapters

Profile on Reserachgate

Honors and Awards

3/2012: Canada Government’s NSERC Industrial R&D Fellowship (Declined)

5/2007: Alberta Ingenuity and Alberta Energy Research Institute’s Len Bolger Memorial Scholarship for Energy research Excellence, University of Calgary (Named One of Top Two Student Energy Researchers in Alberta, Canada)

4/2007: Nanotechnology Alberta Ingenuity Student Scholarship, University of Calgary

9/2006: Energy and Environmental Systems Program Graduate Student Fellowship, University of Calgary

8/2004: FORD scholarship, for postgraduate studies “M.Sc. degree”, Department of Chemistry, McMaster University