Dr. Manu Patel

Research Field

Li-S Battery Research

  • Preparation and characterization of S, Li2S cathodes
  • Battery testing in full-cells vs. Si anodes
  • §Investigation of the Li-S system with different analytical techniques like XAS and UV-Visible spectroscopy
Scientific Contribution


R. Dominko, M.U.M. Patel, M. Bele, S. Pejovnik, “Sulphured polyacrylonitrile composite analysed by in operando UV-    Visible spectroscopy and 4-electrode Swagelok cell” Acta Chim. Slov., DOI: 10.17344/acsi.2016.2366 (2016).

Y. Gorlin, M.U.M. Patel, A. Freiberg, Q. He, M. Piana, M. Tromp, and H. A. Gasteiger,  “Understanding the Charging Mechanism of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Using Spatially Resolved Operando X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy”   J.Electrochem. Soc., 163(6), A930-A939 (2016).

G. Mali, M.U.M. Patel, M. Mazaj, R. Dominko, “Stable Crystalline Forms of Na Polysulfides: Experiment versus Ab Initio Computational Prediction” Chem. A Euro. J., 10.1002/chem.201504242, (2016).

 M.U.M. Patel and R. Dominko, “Application of in operando UV-Vis spectroscopy in Li-S batteries” ChemSusChem,7, 2167–2175 (2014).

A. Vizintin, M.U.M. Patel, B. Genorio, and R. Dominko, “The role of effective separation of lithium anode and sulphur cathode”. ChemElectroChem, 1(6), 1040–1045 (2014).

M.U.M. Patel, N.D. Luong, J. Seppälä, E. Tchernychova, R. Dominko, “Low surface area graphene/cellulose composite as    a host matrix for lithium sulphur batteries”, Journal of power sources, 254, 55-61 (2014).

M.U.M. Patel, I. Arčon , G. Aquilanti, L. Stievano, G. Mali, R. Dominko, “XANES and NMR study of Li-S battery and its components”, ChemPhysChem, 15(5), 894–904 (2014).

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M. Gnanavel, M.U.M. Patel, A. K. Sood, A.J. Bhattacharyya, “High Rate Capability Lithium Iron Phosphate Wired by Carbon Nanotubes and Galvanostatic Transformed to Graphitic Carbon”, J.Electrochem. Soc., 159(4), A336-A341 (2012).

S. K. Das, M. Gnanavel, M.U.M. Patel, C. Shivakumara, A.J. Bhattacharyya, “Anomalously high lithium storage in mesoporous nanoparticulate aggregation of Fe3+ doped anatase titania”, J.Electrochem. Soc., 158(12), A1290-1297 (2011).

M. Patel, M.U.M. Patel, A.J. Bhattacharyya, “A Cross‐Linked Soft Matter Polymer Electrolyte for Rechargeable Lithium‐Ion Batteries”, ChemSusChem, 3(12), 1371-1374 (2010).

S. K. Das, M. Patel, A.J. Bhattacharyya, “Effect of Nano structuring and Ex situ amorphous carbon coverage on the lithium  storage and insertion kinetics in anatase titania”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2(7), 2091-2099 (2010).

Oral/poster presentation

Poster presentation at Lithium-Sulfur battery discussion conference, Dresden, Germany, November 2016

Oral presentation at German-Israeli Battery Meeting, Munich, Germany, April 2016.

Poster presentation at Lithium-Sulfur battery discussion conference, Dresden, Germany, November 2015.

Oral and poster presentation at Lithium Battery discussion (LiBD-2013) Arcachon, France, June 2013.

Poster presentation at Fourth Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry, South-East Europe - RSE-SEE, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May, 2013.  

Poster presentation at National Symposium- Emerging Areas in Chemical and Biological Sciences, Kuvempu University,Shimoga, India, March-2007.