Philipp Rheinländer

Research Field

Fuel Cell Research and Water Electrolysis research

  • Preparation and testing of PEM-based membrane electrode assemblies
  • Analysis of degradation processes in PEM-FCs and development of mitigation strategies
  • Investigation of limitations in PEM-WE

Scientific Contribution


J. Durst, A. Orfanidi, P. J. Rheinländer, F. Hasché, C. Eickes, P. Suchsland, M. Binder and H. A. Gasteiger - Selective Hydrogen Oxidation Catalyst for Reduced Startup/Shutdown Degradation in Low Temperature Fuel Cells. ECS Trans. (2015), 69, 67.

P. J. Rheinländer, J. Herranz, J. Durst and H. A. Gasteiger - Kinetics of the Hydrogen Oxidation/Evolution Reaction on Polycrystalline Platinum in Alkaline Electrolyte: Reaction Order with Respect to Hydrogen Pressure. J. Electrochem. Soc. (2014), 161, F1448.

J. Durst, C. Simon, A. Siebel, P. J. Rheinländer, T. Schuler, M. Hanzlik, J. Herranz, F. Hasché and H. A. Gasteiger - Hydrogen Oxidation and Evolution Reaction (HOR/HER) on Pt Electrodes in Acid vs. Alkaline electrolytes: Mechanism, Activity and Particle Size Effects. ECS Trans. (2014), 64, 1069.

P. J. Rheinländer, S. M. Henning, J. Herranz and H. A. Gasteiger - Comparing Hydrogen Oxidation and Evolution Reaction Kinetics on Polycrystalline Platinum in 0.1 M and 1 M KOH. ECS Trans. (2012), 50, 2163.

Oral/poster presentation

Stability and OER Activity of IrOx in PEM Water Electrolysis under Transient Operation Conditions, oral, ECS PRiME 2016 (Honolulu).

Hydrogen Reaction Mechanism on Ptpc in Alkaline: HOR/HER Kinetics and H-UPD Rates, oral, GDCh Electrochemistry 2014 (Mainz).

Mechanistic Study of the Hydrogen Oxidation and Evolution Reaction on Pt in Alkaline Electrolyte, oral, EFCF 2013 (Luzern).

Hydrogen Oxidation/Evolution Reaction Kinetics on Platinum in 0.1 M and 1 M KOH, poster, IFCW 2012 (Kofu).