Qi He

Research Field

Mechanical understanding of lithium-sulfur and lithium-ion batteries via various analytical techniques

  • Electrode preparation, battery cell assembly, cell test, cell performance/chemistry evaluation (energy density, rate performance etc.)
  • Experimental realization and application of in-situ impedance spectroscopy for three-electrode cells via gold-wire reference electrode
  • Development of operando spectroelectrochemical cell for ultra-violet spectroscopy to determine the reaction intermediates of Li-S batteries (public funded project „LiMo“ by BMWi, cooperation with industrial partners such as Volkswagen AG)

Scientific Contribution

2 refereed publication

Unraveling the correlation between solvent properties and sulfur redox behaviors in lithium sulfur batteries, Q. He, Y. Gorlin, M. U. M. Patel, H. A. Gasteiger and YC. Lu, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165(16), A4027–A4033, (2018)

Probing the Lithium-Sulfur Redox Reactions: A Rotating-Ring Disk Electrode Study, YC Lu; Q. He; H. A. Gasteiger, Journal of Physical Chemistry, 118 (11), pp 5733-5741 (2014) - DOI

4 conference oral presentation 

In-situ impedance spectroscopy of a sulfur-cathode in Li-S batteries, Q. He, B.K. Suthar, R. Berk, D. Pritzl, A. Freiberg and H.A. Gasteiger, 7th Workshop “Lithium-Sulfur Batteries”, Dresden, Germany, (2018)

A Systematic Study of the Correlation between Solvent Properties and Sulfur Redox Behaviors in Li-S Batteries, Q. He, H. A. Gasteiger, Y. Gorlin, M.U.M. Patel and YC. Lu, 232nd ECS Meeting, National Harbor, Maryland, USA (2017)

Characterization of reaction intermediates in lithium-sulfur battery via Operando transmittance UV/Vis spectroscopy, Q. He, M.U.M. Patel, A. Freiberg and H. A. Gasteiger, 6th Workshop “Lithium-Sulfur Batteries”, Dresden, Germany (2017)

Influence of Solvent on Lithium-Sulfur Redox Reactions: A Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode Study, Q. He, YC. Lu, Y. Gorlin, and H. A. Gasteiger, at 227th ECS spring meeting, Chicago, USA (2015)