Dr. Robert Morasch

Research Field

Li-Ion Battery Research, Parameter Analysis, Simulation of Batteries

  • Determination and Analysis of Transport Parameters of Lithium Ion Electrolytes and Electrodes
  • Geometric Parameters of Porous Electrodes

Scientific Contribution


R. Morasch, J. Landesfeind, B. Suthar and H. A. Gasteiger, Detection of Binder Gradients Using Impedance Spectroscopy and Their Influence on the Tortuosity of Li-Ion Battery Graphite Electrodes, J. Electrochem. Soc., 2018, 165(14), A3459-A3467 (Open Access) - DOI

R. Morasch, D. G. Kwabi, M. Tulodziecki, M. Risch, S. Zhang, and Y. Shao-Horn, Insights into Electrochemical Oxidation of NaO2 in Na–O2 Batteries via Rotating Ring Disk and Spectroscopic Measurements, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (5), 4374-4381 (2017)