Welcome to Supramolecular Organometallics!

Our group is interested in the design and synthesis of supramolecular organometallic complexes and functional metallosupramolecuar materials. A special focus is set on the catalytical activation of small molecules like CO2 in organometallic nano-reactors and the exploration of unique intrinsic properties of organometallic host-guest assemblies. We furthermore pursue the incorporation of functional linker molecules into coordination polymers or MOFs, to investigate the possibility to translate and enhance the functionality into the material e.g. in the photophysical (multiphoton absorption) or catalytic context (redox activation of small molecules).


May 2023 - New master student

Stefan has started his Master's thesis, focussing on group 8 and 9 complexes. Good luck in the lab!

April 2023 - New visiting student

David is visiting from Padova and continues exploring Cu complexes of our ligands. Welcome to the group!

January 2023 - New PhD student

Julian very successfully finished his Master's thesis and we are happy to keep him in our group as a new PhD student! 

October 2021 - Successful PhD defense!

Congrats to Shengyang, who successfully defended his PhD defense! All the best for your future!

August 2021 - Paper accepted!

Thomas' paper on the dinuclear Pd- and Pt-complexes of our macrocyclic NHC/pyrazolato ligand is now out in Organometallics! 

August 2021 - Paper accepted with cover!

Shengyangs second first author paper has been accepted and is now also featuring the cover of the current issue of Molecules. Congrats Shengyang!

July 2021 - Cover online

Our triazolate pillarplex paper in Org. Chem. Front. is now online with page numbers. And is featured as the front cover! Beautiful artwork by Jo Richers (jorichers.com).

Triazolate-based pillarplexes: shape-adaptive metallocavitands via rim modification of macrocyclic ligands - Organic Chemistry Frontiers (RSC Publishing)

July 2021 - Paper accepted!

Shengyang's paper on a new solvatomorph of cyclic Au3(1-Methylimidazolate)3 has been accepted for publication in Molecules! Congrats!

July 2021 - Successful Master thesis defense!

Congrats to Samuele (right), who successfully defended his excellent Master thesis with distinction ("cum laude")! The thesis was carried out within the Erasmus framework and co-supervised by Dr. Marco Baron (left) from the University of Padova and we are looking forward for more of these nice collaborations.  

May 2021 - Paper accepted!

Shengyang's and Thomas' paper on our rim-modified pillarplexes has been accepted. Congrats! https://doi.org/10.1039/D1QO00588J

March 2021 - Paper accepted!

The paper of João (joint PhD student with Roland Fischer) on redox-active MOFs has been accepted by Inorganic Chemistry. Super glad, that this fine piece of work has been published now. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c03629

March 2021 - New master student

Tom has started his Master's thesis, focussing pillarplex inclusion compounds and DFT calculations. Good luck in the lab (and the LRZ queue :))!

February 2021 - Habilitation done!

Alex recieved the official document on finalizing his habilitation. Thanks to all coworkers, mentors and collaborators! 

November 2020 - New bachelor student

A warm welcome to Felix, who joined as a bachelor student. Good luck in the lab!

August 2020 - Group trip to Kloster Andechs

Short hike to Kloster Andechs with parts of the group.

Mai 2020 - New group member

Alexandra is starting her PhD thesis in the frame of our funded project in the DFG Priority Program 1928 "Coornets", aiming at very nice functional materials using our Organometallocavitands. All the best for you Alex! 

April 2020 - New Group members

Thomas and Samuele are starting their Master theses (with a highly productive literature survey). Good luck and loads of nice results in the next months! 

October 2019 - Proposal funded!

Our DFG proposal using the pillarplexes in coordination networks got funded! Looking forward to start the projekt in 2020.

April 2019 - Lecture trip to China

Alex and Shengyang on an exciting lecture trip in China, visiting Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nankai University and East China Normal University in Shanghai. Lots of exciting supramolecular chemistry and impressions!

October 2018 - New group member!

Sandro is starting his final years project as an Erasmus student from Edinburgh. Good luck in the lab! Also welcome back for Max!

September 2018 - Paper online!

Our joint collaborative paper with Polly Arnold and Fritz Kühn on cerium NHCs and carbon dioxide activation is online.

April 2018 - Vanguard Fellowship UoB

Alex is visiting the University of Birmingham for the month of April in the frame of his Vanguard Fellowship of the UoB Institute of Advanced studies.

February 2018 - Two PhD defenses in one week!

Philipp and Christian successfully defended their PhD theses with distinction (summa cum laude)! Congratulations and all the best for your future!

February 2018 - New group members!

Marco and Massimiliano are joining the team! Welcome to the group and good luck with the chemistry!

December 2017 - Paper online

Our recent paper of Pd-CHT/NHC dimers is published in Acta C and highlighted on the cover!

November 2017 - Paper highlighted!

Our paper on the Pd-cluster was highlighted in the current editorial of Organometallics as an "ideal illustration of the flash communication concept" by Paul Chirik! 

October 2017 - TUM / Birmingham IAS workshop

Philipp, Shengyang and Alex attending the joint TUM & Birmingham IAS workshop "Inorganic chemistry meets medicine" - presenting our exciting results on pillarplex chemistry.

October 2017 - Paper accepted!

Our work on our pH-dependent Pillarplex-based mechanically interlocked switch is accepted by Angewandte! Exciting!

October 2017 - New group member!

A warm welcome to Shengyang, who is joining the group for his PhD thesis!

September 2017 - New group members

A warm welcome for Sandra and David who join the group!

September 2017 - Paper online

Christian's paper on the first Pd halide cluster ever synthesized (in 1964) is online in Organometallics! Apparently, a correct structure determination can take quite some time...

August 2017 - Paper accepted

Christians paper on the halide-free version of our Pd-cycloheptatrienide-allyl complexes has been accepted!

June / July 2017 - Papers online

Our papers on halogenated tropone derivatives and Pd sheet sandwich complexes are online. Congrats Christian!

Mar / April 2017 - Philipp and Alex at the DGK and the ACS-Meeting
September 2017 - Paper online

Christian's paper on the first Pd halide cluster ever synthesized (in 1964) is online in Organometallics!

August 2017 - Paper accepted

Christians paper on the halide free version of our Pd-CHT-allyl complexes has been accepted!

Mar 2017 - New group member!

A warm welcome to Julia, who is joining our group as a Bachelor student! Good luck in the lab!  

Feb 2017 - New group member!

We welcome our new Master student Leon to the group!  

Feb 2017 - Paper cover online!

Christian's paper on the hybrid NHC/CHT ligand is online. Congratulations!

Jan 2017 - New group member!

Welcome to Raphaela, who will work as a lab student in our group!

Dec 2016 - New group member!

Joachim is joining our group as a lab student. Good look with the work!

Oct 2016 - Paper online!

Our Pillarplex paper is online at JACS! Congrats Philipp!