The SupraCat Subgroup

Our team is working on the development of porous catalysts for biphasic organic reactions (epoxidations, cyclopropanations, CO2 valorization, hydrogenations, etc.). The self-assembled supramolecular aggregates serve as host matrices for both the catalyst and the substrate, thus acting as “nanoreactors”. We use both solid catalysts, such as MOFs, and colloidal nanoparticles in solution, stabilized by inverse micellar aggregates. The goal is to design multifunctional catalysts with modulated functionality and geometry to optimize the activity and to understand and control the product selectivity. We study the host-guest interactions and their influence on product selectivity, as well as cooperativity of active sites for cascade reactions. Catalyst stability and reusability is a particular focus aiming at applicability beyond the lab scale.

Nanometallurgy in solution: organometallic synthesis of intermetallic Pd–Ga colloids and their activity in semi-hydrogenation catalysis

L. Staiger, T. Kratky, S. Günther, A. Urstoeger, M. Schuster, O. Tomanek, R. Zbořil, R. W. Fischer, R. A. Fischer, M. Cokoja

Nanoscale 202113, 15038


F. Schmidt, B. Zehner, M. Kaposi, W. Korth, M. Drees, J. Mink, A. Jess, M. Cokoja

Activation of hydrogen peroxide by the nitrate anion in micellar media

Green Chem. 202123, 1965


Defect engineering: an effective tool for enhancing the catalytic performance of copper-MOFs for the click reaction and the A3 coupling

Z. Fan, Z. Wang, M. Cokoja, R. A. Fischer

Catal. Sci. Technol. 202111, 2396


Substantial Turnover Frequency Enhancement of MOF Catalysts by Crystallite Downsizing Combined with Surface Anchoring

A. L. Semrau, P. M. Stanley, A. Urstoeger, M. Schuster, M. Cokoja, R. A. Fischer

ACS Catal. 202010, 3203


Network topology and cavity confinement-controlled diastereoselectivity incyclopropanation reactions catalyzed byporphyrin-based MOFs

K. Epp, B. Bueken, B. J. Hofmann, M. Cokoja, K. Hemmer, D. De Vos, R. A. Fischer

Catal. Sci. Technol. 20199, 6452

Hiroshi Kitagawa, University of Kyoto, Japan

Dirk de Vos, KU Leuven, Belgium

Han Zuilhof, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Radek Zbořil, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Olomouc, Czech Republic

János Mink, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Andreas Jess, University of Bayreuth

Sebastian Günther, TUM