M.Sc. Bettina Frank

TU Munich


Lichtenbergstraße 4, D-85747 Garching

room:    2034, CRC

phone: +49  (89) 289-54218

mail: bettina.frank[at]tum.de


In my research work, I deal with soluble Zintl clusters E94- of the group 14 elements, which are extracted from Zintl phases. The nine atomic clusters should be reacted with organic groups or (organo)metallic complexes to obtain new functionalised and/or multiatomic cluster species.

Besides the preparation of the starting phase to obtain the clusters E94- via solid state reaction and the standard Schlenk technique, working with liquid ammonia and many other organic solvents is also required. The variable working techniques and the possible methods of analysis make the research topic very diverse.