M. Sc. Sarah Dummert

Joined the team in August 2020.

Graduated at TUM in 2021 under the guidance of Roland A. Fischer.

Room No.: 4035
Phone: +49 89 289 54129
E-mail: sarah.dummert[at]tum.de

Research Topic: 

This project is situated at a cross-section of disciplines linking two research groups, the Chair of Inorganic and Metal-Organic Chemistry and the Chair of Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry. Following the idea of the ARTEMIS TUM Innovation Network, the aim is to identify suitable molecules and use them to develop a unique toolbox for various technical applications, using machine learning and additive manufacturing. Potential applications range from electrocatalysis to tissue regeneration and 'smart' coatings on implants. In this context, crystalline porous materials (MOFs) will be investigated for their morphologies, properties, and potential as green bodies to derive composites for catalytic applications, as well as in gel chemistry for surface coatings.

Selected Publications

A. L. Semrau, S. V. Dummert, C. Eckel, S. Mackewicz, R. T. Weitz, G. Kieslich, Cryst. Growth Des. 2021, ASAP (Synthetic Approaches Targeting Metal-Free Perovskite [HMDABCO](NH4)I3 Thin Films)