AOR Dr. Christian Gemel

born in Vienna, Study at the TU Vienna; postdoctoral stays with Kenneth G. Caulton in Bloomington, Indiana, USA and R. Poerschke, MPI Mülheim
104 publications, >2500 citations , H = 31

Room No.: 56215
Phone: +49 89 289 13475
E-mail: christian.gemel[at]


The major topic of research are large, metal-rich molecules - organo(inter)metallic clusters, which exhibit structural relationships to classical alloys such as brass. Identification of selective syntheses as well as investigations of physical as well as chemical properties of this rather novel and unusual compounds are in the focus of interests.




Metal Complexes and Organometallic Chemistry, Functional Organometallic Chemistry, Introduction to the Scientific Community (Inorganic Chemistry), Selective Courses in Inorganic Chemistry

Practical Courses:

Inorganic Chemistry 2 (Qualitative Analysis)



Lab-leader for synthesis, Group Management