6 new AMC publications!

It's been a busy last few months at our chair and we are pleased to share six new publications!

The published works span from metal-organic framework thin films, over organometallic cluster growth and their characterization, to molecular CO2 reduction photocatalysts hosted by metal-organic frameworks! We're very excited to share these and congrats to everyone involved! Check out the publications here:

Open Framework Material Based Thin Films: Electrochemical Catalysis and State‐of‐the‐art Technologies, W. Li, S. Mukerjee, B. Ren, R. Cao, R. A. Fischer, Adv. Energy Mater.

Exploring Cu/Al cluster growth and reactivity: From embryonic building blocks to intermetalloid, open-shell superatoms, M. Schütz, C. Gemel, M. Muhr, C. Jandl, S. Kahlal, J.-Y. Saillard, R. A. Fischer, Chem. Sci.

High‐Quality Thin Films of UiO‐66‐NH2 by Coordination Modulated Layer‐by‐Layer Liquid Phase Epitaxy, A. L. Semrau, R. A. Fischer, Chem. Eur. J.

Understanding entrapped molecular photosystem and metal-organic framework synergy for improved solar fuel production, P. M. Stanley, M. Parkulab, B. Rieger, J. Warnan, R. A. Fischer, Faraday Discuss.

Enabling LIFDI-MS measurements of highly air sensitive organometallic compounds: a combined MS/glovebox technique, M. Muhr, P. Heiß, M. Schütz, R. Bühler, C. Gemel, M. H. Linden, H. B. Linden, R. A. Fischer, Dalton Trans.

Host-Guest Interactions in Metal-Organic Framework Isoreticular Series for Molecular Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction, P. M. Stanley, J. Haimerl, C. Thomas, A. Urstoeger, M. Schuster, N. B. Shustova, A. Casini, B. Rieger, J. Warnan, R. A. Fischer, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.