Prof. Martin Elsner

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Technical University of Munich

Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Water Chemistry (Prof. Elsner)

Postal address

Lichtenbergstr. 4
85748 Garching b. München


Tailor-made Analysis for Environmental Challenges

We develop analytical methods to investigate the fate of chemicals and microorganisms in complex systems. Besides laser analysis, particle analysis, and bioanalytics, research at the Institute of Water Chemistry (IWC) is focused on compound-specific isotope analysis to measure isotope effects at natural abundance. 

Key areas are the assessment of water quality by (i) analyzing and characterizing transformation of chemical pollutants, (ii) rapid detection of pathogens by innovative bioanalytical methods, and (iii) characterizing microorganisms and particles such as microplastics and aerosols.

Through innovation in analytical methods, our Institute contributes to improvements in the management of chemicals in the environment, helps to establish the self-purification potential of natural systems and aids in the optimization of turnover in technical systems (see research overview).

Winter term 2023/24

TitleDatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
Advanced Analytical Techniques (CH4115)Link4VO
Applied Hydrochemistry (BGU66035 / BGU38036)Link2VO
Bachelor's Work Experience in ChemistryLink2FO
Chemical Analysis II - Organic Trace Analysis for Geoscientists (BV490056/LMU)Link1VO
Current Research in the Instrumental Analysis of Trace Components 1Link3PR
Current Research in the Instrumental Analysis of Trace Components 1 (CH3122b)Link2VO
Environmental Chemistry (CH0141)Link2VO
Hydrogeological, Hydrochemical and Environmental Analytical SeminarLink2SE
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry I (LMU)Link1VO
Lab Rotation Analytical Chemistry 1 (CH3124)Link6FO
Lab Rotation Analytical Chemistry 2 (CH3125)Link6FO
Master's Work Experience CH/CIW/BCLink2FO
Research Internship Analytical Chemistry (NAT0172)Link12FO
Seminar Institute of HydrochemistryLink1SE
Seminar Working Group on Aerosol ResearchLink1SE
Trace Analytical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry (CH0994)Link2VO
Water Chemistry I (CH1062)Link2VO

Summer term 2024