Prof. Dr. Lukas Hintermann

Department Chemie

Technische Universität München

Lichtenbergstr. 4

D-85748 Garching



Tel. ++49(0)89-289-13699

Fax ++49(0)89-289-13669

E-mail: lukas.hintermann(at)



Building address: yellow tract, room 33202, int. Phone 13699



Internships, Practical Training (TUM internal)

Students of TUM can carry out research work of all kinds in our group as part of their curriculum.

Applications (Prospective Coworkers)

Applications for postdoctoral stays or PhD work may be sent by e-mail to my address. We are happy to receive outstanding applications of candidates with an organic or organometallic chemistry background and practical experience with synthetic lab-work. 

Note, however, that the total number of coworkers is limited by lab space and available ressources. As a rule, we expect external candidates to finance their stay with a stipend/fellowship.

I apologize for not being able to respond to all e-mail enquiries, for reasons of time constraint.