AK Hintermann: Associate Professorship of Catalytic Organic Synthesis

Field of Research

Our research focus lies in the development of highly active and selective catalysts based on metal complexes or small organic molecules for sustainable organic synthesis (SOS). Such catalysts can be used both in basic molecular basic research and industrial production. Particularly, we want to develop waste-free (atom-economic) processes for achieving synthetic efficiency. In this manner, resources can be saved and application risks towards humans and the environment will be reduced.


organic chemistry, catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, organometallic chemistry, organocatalysis, heterocycles


Alkynes • asymmetric catalysis • asymmetric synthesis • AZARYPHOS • bifunctional catalysis • enantioselective catalysis • heterofunctionalisation • homogeneous catalysis • hydration • hydroalkoxylation • metal complex catalysis • copper • ligands • ligand effects • metal catalysis • nickel • organocatalysis • oxa-Michael reaction • phosphanes • phosphines • pyridylphosphane • ruthenium • oxygen nucleophiles • transition metal catalysis