Dr. Anton Kalojanoff Foundation (Dr. Anton-Kalojanoff-Stiftung)

The foundation was established as a non-profit organization in Munich in 1977.

Infosheet about the foundation and how to apply for support (German AND English).


The foundation supports scientific research and education that involves visits of young Bulgarian scientists to Universities (or similar research units) in Germany.


Bulgarian (bachelor-, master-, graduate-) students of chemistry (or related fields) who wish to perform a research stay at a German university (or a related institution) can be supported with a stipend (2-6 months).

The research stay could be a scientific exchange (for graduate students), or serve the purpose of doing an external bachelor- or master thesis.

In suitable cases, the scientific host may profit from a blanket allowance covering research expenditure.

Applications to the foundation

Applications can be submitted any time. They should comprise:

1. Extended CV including grades

2. Letter of motivation

3. Topic and short outline of the planned research or scientific purpose of the stay

4. Letter of acceptance issued by the host researcher

Applications can be sent in digital form to: lukas.hintermann@tum.de with the subject "Kalojanoff-Stiftung"


Dr. Anton Kalojanoff (* Varna, Bulg. 02.07.1918/+ Starnberg 17.11.1981) was awarded the degree "Dr. rer. nat." at the Technische Hochschule München in 1949 for his thesis "Über Polymethinfarbstoffe der Furan-, Phenyl- und Pyrrol-Reihe".

In the years 1952–1965 he worked and published scientifically from the chair of organic chemistry at TU Munich. He was involved in the final stages of the Munich total synthesis of chlorophyll, which was completed in 1960 (M. Strell, A. Kalojanoff, H. Koller, Angew. Chem. 1960, 72, 169–170) and attracted much attention in public ("Künstliches Brot für die Menschheit?"). 

Through the foundation, which was established in 1977, he wanted to foster exchange between his native Bulgaria - at the time isolated behind the "Iron Curtain" - and his new home Germany.

Over the years, a number of Bulgarian scientists (ca 30 fellows since 1980) in the fields chemistry/material science have come to Germany with a stipend from the foundation. 

Currently, the foundation supports young scientists and students from Bulgaria visiting  German universities or related scientific establishements.


Information is provided as a service and subject to change. No claims for benefits can be derived from it. The foundation is private under public law.