Our newest Cover Feature shows a colloidal palladium nanoparticle catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of liquid alkynes from Lena's ChemCatChem publication.

Our newest publication in Chemistry of Materials explores selective positioning of nanosized MOF Particles at patterned substrate surfaces towards expanding MOF material applicability. Congrats to Lisa!

Our new publication in Dyes and Pigments explores a Nitrophenyl-Carbazole based Push-Pull Linker as a Building Block for Non-Linear Optical Active Coordination Polymers. Congrats to Sebi and David!

Congrats to Pia Vervoorts and the team involved - their research has received a press release from the TUM and Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) due to very nice results and great collaboration between numerous chairs. Read more here!

Roland A. Fischer is a highly cited researcher in the Web of Science in 2020.

We are proud that David Mayer has successfully defended his outstanding PhD thesis - click here to find some of his research highlights (with more on the way!). Congrats David!

We are very happy that our alumnus Min Tu has published a great article with Prof. Rob Ameloot's group in Leuven in Nature Materials. Well worth reading!

Read our new article in ChemCatChem which focuses on steric and electronic effects of phosphane additives on the catalytic performance of colloidal palladium nanoparticles in the semi-hydrogenation of alkynes!

Our new paper in Angewandte Chemie highlights the importance of considering configurational entropy when rationally designing flexible Metal-organic Frameworks

And another publication on defect engineering is out in ACS Appleid Materials & Interfaces, but this time on the use of thermal defect engineering in Ru/Rh-HKUST-1 analogues - check it out!